Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eskimo Joe's

Abby has been dying to have an Eskimo Joe's shirt for about as long as we have lived in Oklahoma! Last fall we were at the mall in Tulsa and saw that they have an Eskimo Joe's shop. She has been begging me to buy her a shirt from there and every time I tell her that I would really rather go to the real Eskimo Joe's and then she could get one there! Well, she finally got her shot! We decided that as long as we were going to Oklahoma City to go to the Lego store for Ben, we could take a different route home and stop by Eskimo Joe's for dinner. Abby was so excited!

Dinner there was awesome, but more importantly,

Abby got her shirt!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Abber Dabber's!! I've got one too, but mine's tie dyed AND it glows in the dark so I can find my way. :O) Miss you little lady!!

Jamie said...

If you put it on will it show you the way to Eskimo Joe's? I would be glad to meet you there!