Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kid's Say The Best Things!

This morning Ben opened the blinds and said, "Oh Mom, look at the sky. It looks like yogurt."

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Little Trooper

My sweet little Lucas is back up and acting like a typical almost 2 year old! I am so thankful that everything went so well with his surgery this past Wednesday! Here's the story...

The night before surgery Luke was awake all night long! (He must have known what was coming.) He just cried and cried...I decided in my head that he must have another ear infection. The day that we had gone to the ENT his ears were full of fluid, so an infection was quite possible. I figured that if there was infection that they would continue with the surgery since that would drain the fluid and get him on the road to being ear infection free. Jon wasn't so sure.

Surgery was scheduled for 8:00a.m. Jon and I had to leave our house at about 5:45a.m. since we had to arrive an hour and fifteen minutes before surgery and the surgery center is about an hour away. Thank goodness our great friends, Dan and Laurie, who were so helpful in keeping Ben and Abby at their house on Tuesday night so that we didn't have to wake them at the crack of dawn! They (I'm sure it was more Laurie than Dan...) took care of getting the Ben and Abby ready and delivered to school.

When we got Luke up in the morning he felt a little bit feverish. I didn't take his temperature or anything, we just made our way to Tulsa. We didn't really want to say too much about a possible infection or a fever, however, when the nurse took his temp. it was 100.3. Not that that is bad, but when you are having surgery it's not so great. The nurse figured that Luke was just worked up from crying and said that she would check again in a little bit. The doctor came in and talked to us about the surgery and what we should expect afterward and then asked if we had any questions. Jon and I looked at each other and then Jon proceeded to ask if he would still do the surgery if Luke's ears were infected. We were both a little nervous about what his response would be. He assured us that he would do the surgery. Thank goodness!!

A few minutes later the nurse came back, took Luke's temp. (which was still 100.3) and gave him some "goofy juice". Don't know what "goofy juice"is? It's great! It's like vallium. They give it to the kiddos to help calm them and so that when the time comes the separation from mommy and daddy goes smoothly. "Goofy juice" is good stuff! Luke still cried, but one of the nurses assured us that he would never remember anything! My poor little guy! It was so hard to watch them carry him away. (They tried to wheel him away, but he was trying to get out of the bed, so one of the nurses ended up carrying him. :()

It only took about 30 minutes for the doctor to come out to talk to us and tell us that he was finished and Luke was headed to recovery. He said that, yes, Luke's ears were both quite inflamed and the right one was about to rupture. His adenoids were also inflamed and covered in gunk. He said that Luke definitely needed to have this done! Wow!

A few minutes later we were able to go back and hold our poor pathetic little guy. It was so hard to see him so drugged. However, within about an hour we were headed home. Luke slept all the way home and then for a few more hours once we got home.
After a lot of sleeping and a little bit of lunch, this is what we had. A little boy who was ready to color and play. There's nothing better!
Today, Luke is running around just like normal! YAY!!! After a year plus of sickness and ear infections, I finally feel like we are on a good path!

Thank you so much to everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers! We truly appreciate all of them!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I guess I did things a bit out of order. I changed my mind in the middle of a post and decided to make two separate ones. So, if you are interested in seeing the one that is in the wrong spot, scroll down past the Little House post and you can read, "More Spring Break Fun". Sorry, I'm still learning! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Little House On The Prairie

Abby has been reading the Little House on the Prairie series all school year. We have talked about visiting the Little House ever since we moved here but just haven't made it. Well, what better time than while you are in the midst of reading it? We finally made it last week while the kids were on spring break! Abby LOVED it!! I think it was good for her to really see what the places look like that she has been reading about.

Abby was very excited to see this figurine on the mantle in the house because it was something very special to Laura in the book.
Seeing the kids out in front of the house puts into perspective just how little the house really is!

I can't imagine traveling this way!

The post office. (Click on the green "the post office" on the left to learn more about it.)

The school. (Click on the green "the school" on the left to learn more about it.)
This is amazing! Click on the picture and read what it says. Some sound a bit crazy. Some I think should be adopted again.

Luke was more interested in checking out the cows than the buildings... Ben is such an awesome big brother!

Of course, Ben and Abby had to check out the outhouse...

This is a "Sears house". Do you know what that is? I didn't, but I do now! Sears used to sell houses. You would pick out the house that you wanted from the Sears catalog and they would ship it to you in pieces and you would build it! Can you believe that?! That's why so many houses looked so similar. This particular house was built in the 1870's!

I'm so glad we finally made it up to Independence to see this!

More Spring Break Fun

After going to the Little House on the Prairie we went to have lunch with Jon.

The kids never get to do that, so since the Little House is in Independence and that is where Jon works, it worked out perfect!
The day was just too beautiful to be inside, so we headed to the park! Besides, Luke needed so time to run and be free!
Such a big boy!
Ben and Abby raced - Abby won!
Brothers :)
Luke had to check out the "puppy"! Couldn't go on without it!
Just hangin' out :)
I guess you're never too old to play at the park...
Abby had fun on this one! It was her favorite!
Another puppy!
Fun, fun day!!

The crazy thing about this is that the very next day we got about seven inches of SNOW!!! CRAZY!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Fun

I am SO thankful for the beautiful weather we had for most of the week of spring break!! It was so nice to get out of the house, go to the park and play! On this day we met some friends at the park and had some fun!

Ben and Abby just adore Luke! I did not ask them to take him to play, they just did! They are sweet with him!
I think this is just too sweet!

I'm not sure who enjoyed throwing the rocks more! They both got a good laugh out of it! It was so fun to watch them play together!

Peek A Boo! (He never would go through that tube...)
Luke really likes the slide!

Annabelle exploring the creek.

Josephine and her prized branch that she pulled out of the creek.

My sweet baby girl! :)

I was so happy for Ben that some of his friends from school showed up at the park!

A boy and a stick...they just go together!

Me and my awesome friend, Laurie! I don't know what I would do without her! SHE ROCKS!!

The girls got brave and took off their shoes to get in the water. I guess it didn't really matter since their shoes and socks were already soaked!

Luke was so excited that he could see the girls from up on the bridge!

Trying to catch some tadpoles.

Like I said before, what would boys do without sticks?

Laurie is such a good citizen picking up trash at the park!

After we came home from the park, Abby's friend Jackie came over. So what do they do for fun? Play UNO on the trampoline, of course! (Abby got hurt on the trampoline right before Jackie got here and wasn't able to jump. Bummer!)
Friends! :)

It was such a gorgeous day! We spent most of the day outside! We decided that we had to grill for dinner and ended up eating outside too! It was a bit chilly by dinnertime, but still...great!
Ben is warming himself by the grill.
The grill master!

Such a great day! Our first trip to the park, our first dinner outside... I LOVE SPRING!!!