Monday, March 22, 2010

More Spring Break Fun

After going to the Little House on the Prairie we went to have lunch with Jon.

The kids never get to do that, so since the Little House is in Independence and that is where Jon works, it worked out perfect!
The day was just too beautiful to be inside, so we headed to the park! Besides, Luke needed so time to run and be free!
Such a big boy!
Ben and Abby raced - Abby won!
Brothers :)
Luke had to check out the "puppy"! Couldn't go on without it!
Just hangin' out :)
I guess you're never too old to play at the park...
Abby had fun on this one! It was her favorite!
Another puppy!
Fun, fun day!!

The crazy thing about this is that the very next day we got about seven inches of SNOW!!! CRAZY!!!

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Karen said...

love the pic of Luke squatting in front of the puppy. I also see that Abby decided to take her socks off to play at the park. haha