Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Backpacking Adventure

I know the guys had a good time on their backpacking adventure. There are a few things that I know about the trip:
It was beautiful.
They didn't get much sleep. (One got a little, one got a little more & one got none!)
There were scary sounds in the night.
"Staaaaay Awaaaaay!"
I am so glad that the guys had to opportunity to go and spend some time together!
I'm not sure about Neil, but I know Jon and Ben are ready to go again!

Super Saturday in OKC!

The first time I went to Pops I knew that I wanted to take my family there when they came for a visit. I had bought an online deal that needed to be used by the end of May, so this was the prefect time to go.
It was awesome and delicious as always and I think everyone really enjoyed it!

It doesn't make sense to drive 2 1/2 hours just to go to lunch so I thought this would be a good time to check out the Oklahoma City Zoo. I love going to the zoo and Luke had never really been to the zoo. (He went when he was really little! I'm not a completely terrible mama!)
Shocking! Mom is taking a picture! Ha ha ha ha!! :)
We were all pretty excited about getting to see this new baby elephant. She was born April 15 and was a cute as could be! Luke still talks about the baby elephant almost every day!
I think the zebras saw us coming with our cameras and posed for us!
Poor Nolan was so sleepy! Thank goodness we had the wagon!
It was SO hot and the kids were SO good that we decided that they needed a treat!What could be better than ice cream?! YUM!!

I talked to Jon on the way home and found out that the guys decided to cut their adventure short and they would be home when we got home. Oh, the stories we heard when we got home! That post will come later. :)

Later that night we had a girl only dinner! YAY!! We headed downtown to a local restaurant and had a great time! The service was terrible but there was live, karaoke type, music which made it SO fun! I know Rebecca and I really enjoyed singing along with the songs that we knew! We girls had a fun time!

I love spending time with family!!

Fun Friday!

Friday morning the guys left on their backpacking trip. The rest of us had a fairly busy day full of
jumping on the trampoline...
and playing in the sandbox.

Friday evening Abby had a softball game. I was happy for Abby to have a game while Grammy and Aunt Becca were here so they could see her play. (She was supposed to have one earlier in the week, but it was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms.)

Apparently the boys weren't interested in watching the game...
Look at these little stinkers! Could they be any cuter?!

After Abby's game our plan was to go to Kiddie Park. The boys had been looking forward to it all week! They talked about it constantly! I have to admit, I was really excited to take them! There's just something about seeing them having so much fun!