Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun in Tulsa

Jon took me (and Luke, of course) to Tulsa as sort of a birthday thing. (We weren't able to do anything on my birthday because of Abby's softball game.) I love going to Tulsa!
I love hanging out with these boys! Yes, Luke smiled, but apparently couldn't tear his eyes away from his video...

I love eating in Tulsa! There aren't very many restaurant options in our little town, so it's always nice to go to the big city! :)
Qdoba is on of my favorites! We went to Qdoba on this day because I got a buy one get on free coupon from them for my birthday! It doesn't get much better than that! I love Qdoba!
This is how happy Jon and I are after a delicious lunch at Qdoba!

Another thing I wanted to do on the day in Tulsa was to go to the rose gardens. We went last year, but by the time we went it was so hot and most of the rose bushes were looking pretty parched! I thought it would be good to go earlier this year! Sadly, a lot of the didn't look a whole lot better, but there were still some pretty ones!
I love this picture! :)
Luke really enjoyed the fountains at the gardens. There were tadpoles in this one!

Right next to the rose gardens was a beautiful park! It was fun to just walk around and explore on such a gorgeous day!
I'm not sure what we were thinking trying to get a picture of all three of us...
These lovely little rodents were E V E R Y W H E R E!
And they weren't shy at all!
Luke thought the squirrels were great, but he still wanted Daddy to protect him! I don't blame him! (Not a fan of squirrels!)

Jon and Ben are going on a hiking trip next weekend, so we needed to make a stop at Bass Pro. What's the best thing about going to Bass Pro?
Looking at the fish, of course! Luke LOVES the fish!
Fun day! :)

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Becca said...

Love the picture of you and Jon after eating at Qdoba. Qdoba makes me very happy too. You look very cute and love the necklace. And the picture you took of the 3 of you was too cute!