Monday, May 23, 2011

My Birthday - Part 2

Again, I love my birthday! My family missed it. I wasn't thrilled. I felt like a spoiled little snot when I told Jon that I was disappointed that they didn't acknowledge my birthday. Jon felt bad. We celebrated my birthday on May 21! Spoiled, I know.

Jon went all out! Check this out!
Last year Jon made me a birthday cake and said that he wants to continue to do that every year. He did just that!
And I think he did a fabulous job!
It was delicious! I loved it!
Of course, presents are always fun!
But these are the best gifts ever! I love my babies!
Silliness and all!
I love this man even more! Thank you so much, Jon, for making my (late) birthday a super special day! I loved it!!
(Ben said we weren't smiling big enough. Didn't know he'd be ready to take a picture when we were being goofy!)

Later in the afternoon, my friend, Deborah, called to see if I wanted to go get a pedicure with her. How could I pass that up? She picked me up and informed me that we had to make a pit stop before heading to the nail salon.
Apparently Starbucks cake pops are a must on your birthday!
Thanks, Deborah, for a fun, girly afternoon! You are an awesome friend!

So...even though my birthday was a week and a half late, it was a super special day! Better late than never!

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Anonymous said...

Erika loves the paint color! :O) Glad your birthday was finally celebrated and that it was a good day!