Thursday, May 19, 2011

Abby's Track Meet

Every year all of the fourth and fifth graders in Bartlesville get together for a track meet. Last year it got rained out, so this was Abby's first take at it. Abby was scheduled for two events: Girls Tug of War and the Shuttle Run.

I love these pictures of Abby doing Tug of War! I love the look on her face!
Abby's Tug of War team won third place out of six! GREAT JOB, GIRLS!!

While waiting for her next event, Abby enjoyed some snuggles from Luke. She loves that boy and loves when he is lovey on her!

Here is Abby doing her Shuttle Run. She didn't place, but she had fun doing it!I think it is great that the schools do this track meet. A great way to introduce kids to what track meets are like for when they move on to middle school.


Anonymous said...

I bet she loved the kisses! Good job Abby!

Becca said...

I love the arrows with Abby's name. Way to go Ms. Blogger and Ms. Abby!