Monday, May 23, 2011

Our First Trip To Kiddie Park

I'm not sure why we never made it to Kiddie Park last year, but we didn't. I knew that if we didn't go early in the season that we probably wouldn't make it all again this year.

Kiddie Park is the best place ever! It has been around for over 60 years. Admission is FREE and tickets for the rides are only a quarter! (Most of the rides are only one ticket! A few require two.) We bought $5 worth of tickets and that was plenty for the night! Where else can you go and have so much fun for only $5?

Luke couldn't wait to get on his first ride!

He was a little bit afraid while the ride was going, but he couldn't wait to go on another one!

Luke LOVES trains! We couldn't get him on the train fast enough!
The crazy thing is that once he finally got on the train, he wanted off!
What in the world?!
But he went anyway...And he LOVED it! Talked about it all night long!

I will be quiet and let the pictures speak for themselves.
This is Luke's current version of a smile for the camera.
And this is his current version of a thumbs up.
He kept saying that he wanted to go, "higher, higher".
Kiddie Park isn't too exciting when your 13!
I have never seen an owl outside of a zoo and Jon just happened to spot this one fly into the tree!
It's hard to tell from Luke's sober expressions that he was having fun, but he really was! We had a great time at Kiddie Park! I think I enjoyed watching Luke ride the rides and seeing how much fun he was having just as much as I enjoy riding rides myself! I'm hoping that this breaks Luke into an early love for amusement park rides. Ben and Abby have been afraid and we can't have that! (I love rides SO much!!) We can't wait to spend many more nights at Kiddie Park this summer!


Kelly said...

How fun is that! And how is it possible your kids are afraid of rides?!? Get those kids to Cedar Point STAT!

Karen said...

I love Kiddie Park! Wish we had one of those here! Who can beat those prices?! Love the video! Abby's such a good big sister.