Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Birthday

I love my birthday! I want to everyone to make a big deal out of my birthday and I want it to last the whole week! I always have high expectations, which is not good for me or my husband!

My friend, Melanie, invited me to her house to have lunch on my birthday. This was nice because it meant that our boys could play together and her little one could take his nap. Adult conversation has got to be one of the best gifts a stay-at-home mom can get!
Sorry for the blurry picture!
Melanie made me these delicious chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!
They were DELICIOUS!!
Thank you SO much, Melanie!

One of the things that I love most at my birthday time of the year is getting mail! I was thrilled when I checked the mail on my birthday and found a package from my BFF, Karen! She's the BEST!!
Not shockingly, I cried! This was the best gift all day!!

This is how I spent the evening on my birthday:
Yep, Abby's softball game. Exciting, isn't it?! I love watching Abby play softball, but this game was especially brutal. The team they played was excellent and we lost really bad! (14-2) Abby had fun and Jon took care of Luke, so that counts!

I am told that my family will be celebrating my birthday this weekend. (:
I love my birthday!


Karen said...

I'm so glad you liked the gift. We(Chris and I) had fun coming up with it and making it. I love MY birthday too so once again...we are a perfect match! Love you "My Bff"!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you have found such wonderful friends!