Monday, May 30, 2011

Abby's Graduation & A Downtown Adventure

(Be prepared, there are LOTS of pictures!)

5th grade graduation?! How can it be? How can Abby possibly be done with elementary school? I don't know the answer, but it is the case. I am so proud of Abby for all of the progress she has made this year! She has made A LOT!! She has always struggled in school in math and reading and to see where she is now is just amazing! I think math will always be a bit of a struggle for her, and that's ok. But reading...get this...her teacher recommended that she be in AP English next year! I never would have expected that! This has been a leaps and bounds year for Abby and I am so thankful and proud!
I couldn't get over how beautiful Abby looked! My baby girl is growing into such a beautiful young lady!
Abby signed up to be part of the choir for graduation. It wasn't so much for the singing part for her as it was for the signing part.
This girl loves to sign and has learned SO much this year from having a deaf girl in her class. Learning sign language has been a huge confidence boost for her! I hope she continues to learn!

The songs that were chosen for graduation were terrible! No, I'm not being mean! They sounded great and the kids did an amazing job! It was me! I was so emotional listening to all of them and watching Abby sign. I was a little bit of a mess!


"The Future's Looking Good To Me"

"It's Time To Say Goodbye"

"Ranch Heights Wranglers"

"Abigail Ann Grief"
My graduate!
Mrs. Hough was one AMAZING teacher this year! Abby made so much progress this year thanks to this super teacher!!
Graduation cards
Friends :)

Luke received a few late birthday presents which he was very happy to open!

We opted for a break from cooking and headed to our favorite restaurant for dinner. We HAVE to go to Frank & Lola's anytime we have company in town! It's not just my favorite!
After dinner we set out on a walk around downtown.
The boys did a little window shopping. And found a bug. :)

As we were walking, we found...
THIS!What could be better than taking two three-year-old boys for a walk and finding a train that you can climb all over and get in and check out?! Not a whole lot! We all enjoyed checking it out! (And, of course, it was a great photo op!)
What are we all looking out?
This oncoming train! It was so neat and the boys were SO excited (Luke was a little bit scared too) that a train came while we were on the train! The train conductor (Is that what the driver of the train is called?) even honked the horn for us! It was really cool!

A fantastic day!!


Mom said...

I love reliving these memories. I am so proud of Abby also. She did a great job! The signing is very impressive! Great job on the blog! I'm anxious to see what's coming next.

Anonymous said...

I'm so super proud of you Abber Dabbers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what your sign/pic says about being remembered! I'm glad that's the way you want to be remembered! You my dear sweet girl are THE bomb diggity!! :O) BTW~keep up with the sign language! you would totally be awesome at that as a job later!!! You really have the heart for it! :O)

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