Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abby Goes To Camp

Abby's troop headed out the Camp Wah-Shah-She to celebrate the camp's 50th birthday.

The girls decided to camp for two nights and Jon and I went out on the first day (after the first night) to help out with the festivities. When we got there, the girls were making lunch.
Who would have thought that you could cook on the top of a coffee can?! It was so cool! These cool little cans are called "buddy burners". Under the large can is a smaller can (tuna fish can size) that has rolled corrugated cardboard with wick in the middle and dipped in wax. Who knew?! So cool!

The girls also made pineapple upside down cakes on the "buddy burners". I heard they were delicious!

Jon did a dutch oven cooking demonstration. The girls loved it!

These girls are inseparable!

Abby's troop hosted several activities in their camp. Soap carving, yarn doll making, lashing, sand art. This is also where Jon did his demonstration.

Luke had a blast being out at the camp all day! This boy is all about the outdoors! He was FILTHY when we got home, but he sure had a great time!

It was neat to hear the story of the camp and to hear the lady behind the story talk about it. I hope that Abby will continue to make memories with her fellow Girl Scouts!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

I always miss Michigan at this time of year! Once the weather cools down I start thinking about going to the apple orchard, drinking fresh apple cider and eating those amazing cake donuts! Or going to the pumpkin patch and picking a pumpkin right off the vine! There are no such things in my neck of the woods.

For now, we have this place. It's nice. It's just not the same! It is insanely expensive and the pumpkins aren't even attached to the vine. I have a feeling that the pumpkins come from the same place as the ones at the stores and they just put them out in a field for you go to choose one. Disappointing! But, a my MOPS group was going, so we went anyway. Luke knows no different and thinks it's totally awesome!

Before we headed out to the "patch", Luke had a blast playing at the playground. This was his toy of choice.

It was hard for him to lift those big handles, but he did not give up! I would love to have one of these digger toys in my backyard. He loved it SO much!! He would not get off for anything! Well, until I told him it was time to ride the tractor...

The boy was amazed by all of the pumpkins! I thought he would want to choose the biggest pumpkin he could find. He, however, only wanted one that he could carry easily. He really liked the little pumpkins the best!

Once we got back from the patch I let Luke sit on the tractor. This kid LOVES tractors!!

The Pumpkin Patch had a little petting farm with goats, baby pigs, cows and some roosters that ran loose. I always hesitate to go to the petting farm. Maybe I'm a too much of a city girl/germaphobe, but petting farms just seem gross to me! I got over myself real quick knowing that Luke would love to go see the animals. I was surprised when he actually wanted to go inside the pen (instead of looking through the fence.). He played in there with the goats for a long time before I had to pull him away to go home.

So, it's not Michigan, but it gets the job done. Luke and I had a great time!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Visit To Hutchinson

We finally found some time to head up to Hutch for a quick visit to see Jon's parents. It was a beautiful weekend so we were able to spend a lot of time outside!

It didn't take Ben long to climb up in his favorite tree!

This is how Jon and his dad spend a lot of their time when they are together.

Jeanie's birthday was coming so we took a sopapilla cheesecake up with us.
Happy Birthday, Jeanie!

Luke went to the grocery store with Grandma and came back with these cupcakes. What a mess! He loved them!


Luke is in love with Toby! (Well, after warming up to him anyway.) Luke wouldn't really give Toby a break the whole time we were there! That poor dog was wore out and probably glad to see us leave!

The top of this shed has always been one of Ben's favorite places to hang out at his Grandma and Grandpa's house. He wasn't very happy that we allowed Abby to get up there...

Abby, however, loved it!

Abby always loves to play with the neighbor's dog, Emmy.

I love this! It's not very often that you see these two working together. Nicely, anyway... Ben was pretty patient with Abby and willing to help her out!

I tried several times to get Luke to want to be in there tree. He is a boy, after all. He is supposed to want to climb trees, right? He was afraid for a long time, but finally asked me to put him in the tree!

We had a very relaxing weekend hanging out in Hutch.

(For those Hutch friends that are reading this, we hope to be back soon and be able to visit. This was such a short trip that we decided that we needed to just spend time together as a family. Hopefully next time!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feeling Kinda Crafty

Yes, I've been feeling kind of crafty lately. My house is a blank slate and Pinterest (yes, again) is quite the inspiration. One day I made a list of things that I wanted to make and then Abby and I made a trip to Lowe's and Hobby Lobby to get all of the supplies.

This cute frame is something I made at MOPS. (I already had it pinned on Pinterest!) I love it! I write notes, menus, grocery lists...super useful! And super cute!

I found this idea in a book and was excited when I found the letters half off at Hobby Lobby! Score! Super easy and cute!

I fell in love with these little guys when I saw them on Pinterest! Fun and easy! Luke really likes them!

Yet another Pinterest idea.

And another.

I am thrilled with how this grouping turned out! I love it!!

This is just fun to me! It makes me happy!

I am happy about the crafty things I have been able to make lately. I am looking forward to finding more to work on. The next crafty episode could potentially include a little taste of Christmas.

Puzzle Time

Luke has taken a liking to doing puzzles.

Trying so hard!

It fits!

He's so proud!
(I didn't help him at all!)
I'm so proud of him too!

Mother/Son Night

I was thrilled when Ben told me that he signed us up for the Mother/Son banquet at church! Last year he wasn't very excited about going and I know I guilted him into it. This year, no guilt was involved!

(Ugh...when did he get SO tall?!)

We had a great time eating dinner together and learning about what it means to be a godly mother/son and had the opportunity to pray together. Precious, special time with my oldest boy! I love you, Ben and am so proud of the young man you are becoming!