Thursday, October 27, 2011

Abby Goes To Camp

Abby's troop headed out the Camp Wah-Shah-She to celebrate the camp's 50th birthday.

The girls decided to camp for two nights and Jon and I went out on the first day (after the first night) to help out with the festivities. When we got there, the girls were making lunch.
Who would have thought that you could cook on the top of a coffee can?! It was so cool! These cool little cans are called "buddy burners". Under the large can is a smaller can (tuna fish can size) that has rolled corrugated cardboard with wick in the middle and dipped in wax. Who knew?! So cool!

The girls also made pineapple upside down cakes on the "buddy burners". I heard they were delicious!

Jon did a dutch oven cooking demonstration. The girls loved it!

These girls are inseparable!

Abby's troop hosted several activities in their camp. Soap carving, yarn doll making, lashing, sand art. This is also where Jon did his demonstration.

Luke had a blast being out at the camp all day! This boy is all about the outdoors! He was FILTHY when we got home, but he sure had a great time!

It was neat to hear the story of the camp and to hear the lady behind the story talk about it. I hope that Abby will continue to make memories with her fellow Girl Scouts!


Mom said...

Abby didn't look very excited at breakfast. The rest of the day looked fun. Luke looked like he was having a great time!! I'm sure Abby will carry lots of memories through life. I loved girl scouts!!

Anonymous said...

I love that she's still involved with Girl Scouts. She'll make lots of lasting memories!