Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have a little bit of a gem in our town. It is an old restored train engine. I have posted about this train before as Luke is completely obsessed with the train. We can't go downtown without Luke asking to go see it.

One night we ate dinner downtown and, as is common, Luke asked if we could go see the train. We were surprised to find that there was something new on the tracks. A caboose! YAY! There was a sign on the caboose that said that there was to be an open house the very next day for a few short hours and then it would be closed for restoration. I had plans during the time of the open house, but I encouraged Jon to at least take Luke down for a little bit to check it out. Being the great daddy that he is, he did! Apparently Luke really liked the caboose, but was ready to leave because he wasn't fond of the constant whistle that was coming from the caboose. (The kids were able to blow the train whistle.) I heard that Luke was pretty vocal about how he felt about the whistle...

I think the shows how he felt about all of the noise.

If the new caboose is restored as great as the engine was, this is going to be great! We can't wait to check it out!


Mom said...

Very Cool!!

Becca said...

I love the picture of him on the caboose! Such a cutie! Way to be a great dad, Jon!