Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ben's Introduction To Marching Band

Ever since the first day of school when Ben got his band calendar, he had been counting the days until October 7th. On October 7th the 8th grade band students would get to go to the high school football game and play the fight song on the field with the marching band and sit in the stands and play pep songs along with them! WOW! As a former marching band member and lover of marching bands, I was happy that Ben was so excited about this experience!

"B-R-U I-N-S

Ben had the best time at the game! As if he didn't already know that he wanted to do marching band already, this just really solidified it for him. He is ready! I hope he realizes how much of a commitment it is and how much work it is! I just know he will love it!

I am excited to have a child in marching band next year!
Bring on the games and competitions!!


Mom said...

That was great!!! I am soooo excited that Ben is excited to be in marching band. Can't wait to get to see him compete!! He'll find out what committment really is. Good job Ben!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Becca said...

That was awesome! We went to a football game recently and it is so fun to see the marching band. We will definitely have to come out and see Ben march. Keep it up Ben!