Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Luke's Bedtime Antics

I can't believe I almost forgot to post this!

Ever since Luke has been moved from the crib to his big boy bed, things have been a little crazy! It certainly hasn't been the easiest transition for him. (Or the me and Jon!) He doesn't really like to go to bed or stay in his bed. Our evenings are usually pretty loud and stressful. Luke has been getting up in the middle of the night just beside himself and screams and cries like crazy!

Well, a few nights ago Luke continued the tradition of getting up a few times in the middle of the night. We got up and put him back in bed each time in hopes that he would stay in bed and go back to sleep until it is actually time to get up. Jon and I fell back to sleep and all of a sudden heard a crash! We both sat up and had to quickly get our bearings (since it was almost 4:30a.m.). We both noticed that the living room light was on. Jon went out there and found this:
Well, sort of this. The only thing missing in the picture is Luke. Yep, he, very quietly, snuck out of his room. Turned on the light. And proceeded to play with his cars!
What in the world is the child thinking?! Is he not tired?! His sleeping habits have completely changed since he has been in the big boy bed. He used to sleep until 8a.m. or as late at9:30-10:00a.m.!!! I would think that he would be completely exhausted! Not to mention all of the crying during the night and day!

I know that this may be (slightly) comical, but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole thing right now! I know it isn't going to last forever and I will, someday, look back and laugh. Maybe, since I am not a patient person, the Lord is trying to teach me patience through this little guy!
So...this is what we are trying now. We'll see how this works out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Giveaway

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday, Ben!!

Life was forever changed for Jon and I on September 19, 1997 when Benjamin Alan came into our lives!
I can hardly believe that was 13 years ago! Where has the time gone? Am I really old enough to have a 13 year old? It's just crazy to believe that we have a teenager in our house!
Here is my big boy today!
13 years old!
A teenager!

Ben didn't have any plans for anything that he wanted to do on his birthday. Not because he couldn't think of anything, but just because that is Ben's dream day! Nothing to do but sit at home, play video games, watch t.v. and eat! And that's exactly what we did! But first we started with opening presents!
Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa Grief!
Luke enjoyed playing in the packing peanuts that came in Grandma & Grandpa's present!
Ben was thrilled with the Colt's shirts that he got from Abby and Luke!
Thank you, Grammy!
He LOVES this new Colt's light!
Ben's birthday feast! If you know Ben, you know that his most favorite food in the entire world is fried chicken! So, every year, that is what he asks for for his birthday dinner! Usually he asks for homemade macaroni & cheese AND mashed potatoes! This year he only asked for the mac & cheese! Just the thought of fried chicken and mac & cheese makes my chest start hurting and my arteries feel clogged, but since it is his 13th birthday, I couldn't really say no. And he was thrilled!
One happy boy!
More presents! Jon and I actually made Ben wait to open our presents than the rest. Why? Well...being a kid who pretty much only wants Legos, he decided that he would shake the boxes to see if any sounded like they had Legos in them! This one had the sound he was looking for! We decided to torture him a little longer and make him wait! We are nice parents aren't we?!
Happy again!
The only other thing on Ben's birthday list was all six Star Wars movies in a boxed set! He got half, but was super excited about it! I'm sure the rest will come.
It didn't take long before he tore into the box and had the whole thing put together! This kid loves his Legos!
Me and my teenager! :)
This was a complete surprise for Ben! He has been asking for at least the last year to have his own Facebook page. I wasn't really fan of that for a long time! But, I think 13 is a good age to get started and give him a little bit more freedom. (I am on there enough that I will be able to keep a close eye on what he is doing! Plus, it's another thing that can be taken away as a punishment...) He was SO excited when we told him that he could finally have his own!

Time for "cake"!
Make a wish
and blow out the candles!

During the day I asked Ben some questions. Here's what he had to say about turning 13:

What is the best part of turning 13?
"I get a Facebook and I don't have to order off the kid's menu anymore."

What is the worst part of turning 13?
"I have to be more responsible."

What are you most looking forward to this year?
(You're gonna love his one!)
"Getting pit hair and watching PG-13 movies."
I asked, "What if Dad and I say no?"
"Then it's ok."
(Crazy stuff!!)

Name one goal for yourself for this year.
"To get a girlfriend."
I wasn't thrilled with that answer so I asked for another.
"I want to do better in school."

What was your favorite gift today?

What was your favorite part of your birthday?
"Facebook, Legos and 'lupper'"
(We ate in between lunch and dinner.) :)

You have to love the honesty in those answers!

Ben had a GREAT day! At one point in the day he told me that this birthday is going to be hard to top! As a mom, that is so nice to hear! Apparently all you need for a good birthday is good presents, good food, family and football!


Friday, September 17, 2010

R.I.P. Squirrel-Friend

We were outside a few days ago and noticed something furry laying in our yard. Yep...a dead squirrel. Gross!!
Of course, Abby and Luke couldn't run to see it fast enough!

Jon asked me if I thought he should bury it or throw it over the fence. I know it might be gross, but I actually said to just throw it over the fence. I'm often unsure as to why he asks my opinion because almost every time he does the opposite!
And this time was no different!

I have a picture of the dead squirrel, but I have opted not to post it! I'm sure you are glad, right?!
Luke wanted to help...
Abby wanted to watch...
The squirrel burying crew.
R.I.P. Mr. Squirrel

Run The Streets

Abby's Girl Scout troop helped out at a race called Run The Streets last Saturday. They passed water out to the runners as they walked or ran by. I always love watching the girls work together and help out!
Getting the cups filled before the runners show up.
All ready!
Here they come!
All of the racers were so happy to the girls ready with the water!
This was a really neat activity!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friends at the Park

Last Friday Luke and I were invited to go to the park with some friends. Everything was great until Luke decided that he would rather stay at his friend Ryan's house and play with his cool trucks. There was NO consoling this child!
This is what I dealt with when we got to the park! Fun, huh?
After a (long) while, he was a happy boy again.
This is Luke's friend, Ryan.
And this is his new friend, Sawyer.
Fun stuff!
Despite his two year old nasty-ness, he is still one cute little thing!
Sweaty and all...
Look at the concentration on his face!
I thought this was so cute!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Washington County Fair

I never even knew that there was a fair here until Abby's Girl Scout leader asked the girls to submit things for the fair. The fair isn't big or anything. but fun, just the same.
Abby entered four things in the fair for Girl Scouts and she did very well!
Her jewelry won first place!
Her color photography won second place! (She was only beat out by a senior Girl Scout!)
Her black and white photography won second place!
And her coasters won honorable mention!
Not too bad! Abby's favorite part about the whole thing is that she won $6.50 for her winnings!
Abby is looking through her troop's scrapbook. Her leader does such a great job!
Abby and her leader, Ms. Joy! Yes, Ms. Joy is a little on the "seasoned" side, but she is a great leader! She absolutely LOVES being a leader, which is why she has done it for so many years! I am thankful for her love for the girls and for what she does with them!
I just had to add this picture. Tractors make Luke very happy! He's such a boy!