Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We didn't have a whole lot planned for Labor Day weekend. Jon knew that he wanted to set up the tent and camp out in the back yard. He was off from work on Friday, so he was very excited to get the back yard ready!Our back yard looks just like a campsite!
(With all of the conveniences of home!)
Luke's favorite thing to do is to play outside, so he was a very happy boy!
In keeping with our outdoor/camping theme, we had a delicious barbeque!
This corn on the cob was the best corn I've had all year! It was excellent!!
We found this furry friend on the side of the tent. I think he is going to make one beautiful butterfly or moth!
Luke thought it was pretty exciting!
This is the fire pit that Jon and I bought for our anniversary! We are SO excited to finally get to use it!
(I'm still excited about the excellent deal we got on it! Marked down from $129.99 to $64.99!! I love a bargain!!)
The kids enjoyed watching a movie in the tent!
Abby came out and asked me to ask Luke to scoot back from the t.v. She said that he was watching the movie inches away from the screen. I guess she wasn't far off!
While Jon was mowing on Saturday morning he came across a snake in the grass. So, of course, he had to bring it in to show the kids. Yeah, I wasn't so fond of that idea!
YIKES!! I am SO not a fan of snakes! Especially inside the house!

The only thing we had planned this weekend was Jon's parents coming down for a visit. We did a lot of nothing! It was great!
Ben and Grandpa hanging out around the fire.
Luke was very proud of his dirt clod! If you could only see how dirty this little guy is! He was having a great time sitting and playing in the dirt!
But isn't he just adorable?! :)
Abby and Grandma enjoyed relaxing outside!
Of course we had to make s'mores! YUM!
Luke couldn't leave Grandpa alone when he was taking a nap!
Our company is gone and we were all a bit sleepy! I don't like to take naps because I always feel worse afterward. Jon and Abby on the other hand... They LOVE naps!

While Jon and Abby napped I forced Ben to play rummy with me. He was grounded and so there wasn't much else for him to do, plus, I love to play cards.
Ben said that these two Lego people were me and him battling. He didn't want to play cards...
I think he finally ended up having fun.
Especially since he ended up beating me! Yes, he beat me!

Our weekend was very fun and relaxing! The funny thing is...none of this actually happened on Labor Day!


Pat said...

Looked like fun!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a huge yard! It looked like it was a fun weekend! Erika loved the furry friend btw! :O)

Becca said...

Congrats on beating your mom, Ben!