Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Boy's Room

This is what Ben and Luke's room used to look like:
Completely crammed with very little room to move.
This is what it looks like now:
There is still a lot in there and it's not completely finished, but we have made a lot of progress!
The tall dresser is Ben's and the small one is Luke's. With the bunk beds together Ben had no room to put anything on the walls. He decided that he would take over Luke's side of the room. Everything that is over Luke's dresser will soon be gone and put somewhere on Ben's side of the room. (Since I can't convince him to do something else with it...) I have some things to put on the wall on Luke's side of the room, I just haven't had a chance to do it yet.
I am really excited about Ben's side of the room! He has waited two years to have those shelves put up! (The bunk beds were in the way.) He got the posters this summer and also didn't have anywhere to put them. All of that has a lot to do with why Luke was put into a big boy bed. I have felt so bad for Ben that he really hasn't had a bedroom since we moved here. He has his stuff in "his" room, but generally sleeps in Abby's room. (I don't want to risk waking Luke up when I have to get Ben up for school at 6:00a.m.!) I would LOVE to move into a house with four bedrooms, but that just isn't what the Lord has for us right now.
Like I said, this is a work in progress, but so far we have made a lot of progress. Ben is beyond thrilled to have some extra space and be able to put some things on the walls that he has waited so long for! I am really happy for him!


Pat said...

I love Ben's side of the room. Luke needs some color on his side. It'll be cute once Ben gets his newspaper clippings off the wall!!!

Karen said...

Ben's side looks great EXCEPT someone needs to tear that KU poster up! lol It's funny to see that he puts all kinds of stuff on his walls just like Jacob does. Jacob called it his thug wall in OR, but since we've moved here and he has a giant room...he's filled ALL walls with "stuff". I'll have to take a pic to share. It's kinda crazy! Super happy for you Ben!!! LOOKS GREAT!