Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Luke's Mosquito Bites

Poor little Luke is really allergic to mosquito bites! I have seen him have huge welts before, but these definitely take the cake!
Can you see the puss bubble on the top of his ear?
I didn't realize how swollen this bite on his ear was until I looked at the other one!
These are what really got me! His poor little leg had SO many bites and was SO swollen that he was limping and complaining that his leg hurt! My poor little guy!
Those just look painful to me!
Luke has been really good about not scratching, taking Benadryl and letting me rub hydrocortisone cream on his "boo boos".
I know Luke is a sweet little guy, but the mosquitoes need to leave him alone!!


Pat said...

Poor Luke!! Those mosquitoes are having a feast. Hope he is on the mend.

Karen said...

that is soooo sad! they really got him good! poor baby!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness! That is awful. Poor little guy. Hopefully those mosquitoes will be gone soon.

Courtney said...

can you hurry up and post again, so i can stop seeing that the poor lukester was terrorized with mosquitoes at my house

Kelly said...

Ouch! Does it help if he takes some Benadryl?

Anonymous said...