Monday, May 24, 2010

Pops & Route 66

On our way home from Oklahoma City we opted to take Route 66.
We had been told quite a while ago about a place called, "Pops" (click on the Pops link and read more about it!) that is located on Route 66 just outside of OKC. Since we weren't in any hurry to get home and it was around lunchtime we thought we would check it out. They are known for having a HUGE variety of pop from all around the world! 500 varieties!

This place is literally out in the middle of nowhere!!!
These were the first three varieties Jon, Ben and Abby chose. I took the sissy route and got fountain Diet Coke. (I wanted free refills and they had styrofoam cups! I love styrofoam cups!!)

Ben's pop was from El Salvador!

This is only a few of the coolers! There are MANY more!!
Ben's next choice: All about Russia!

Jon's second pop: Dublin Dr. Pepper. Made with with imperial pure can sugar!! He loved it!!

Even Luke got a little taste! He didn't like it at all! (But this child doesn't even like juice, so that wasn't a huge surprise.)

That is one HUGE bottle! I would love to see it in the dark! (It lights up!)

Made me feel very small!

I have to say, their burgers and onion rings were FABULOUS!!!!!

The rest of our drive home was so pretty! Route 66 was nice! No busy-ness! Just pretty!

Small town America!

Ahhhh.....a nice drive in the country with my feet propped up! Nice!!

Grief Family Reunion in Oklahoma City

It has been over a year since the whole Grief family has been together. Jon's brother and his family live in Virginia, Ken and Jeanie (Jon's parents) live in Kansas and, as you know, we are in Oklahoma. We get to see Jon's parent's fairly often, but to all be together is very difficult! Jamie and Anne and their family were going to Kansas for a visit and we decided to all meet together in Oklahoma City for the weekend. It was fun to get to see everyone and catch up on all that has been going on in each household. It is especially fun to see the kids and how they have grown! The kids had such a great time together!

He only got a little wet...

While at dinner there was a guy roaming the restaurant making balloon creations for the kids. Nathaniel got a motorcycle. Ben was in the bathroom at the time so all he ended up with was a 'worm'! HA HA!!

Emily and Abby got flowers (obviously) and Katie got a giraffe!

Headed to the riverwalk.

Ben and Nathaniel couldn't get enough of each other! What one did, the other did too!

"Look at the ducks!"

Katie and Abby couldn't get enough of each other either!

So happy to be together again!

Ken and Jeanie are happy to have all of their kids and grandkids together again!

The kids couldn't resist rolling down this hill!! They all did it!!

One of these days I AM going to get to go on a carriage ride!


Three generations of Grief boys!

Luke wasn't so sure about getting in the pool...

Oklahoma City Zoo!!
"Random bugs and stuff" (Ben)

Father and son!

This just might have been Luke's favorite part of the zoo! He LOVES the movie "Nemo" right now, so to see real live "Nemos" up close was pretty exciting!

All of the kids! Yes, they're all there! (Emily is hiding behind Katie.)

Luke is SUPER happy to be out of his stroller!

These two are pretty fond of each other!

Kings of the mountain!

Emily was beyond happy to be on the elephant all by herself!!

Emily, Katie and Nathaniel

A little bit of friendly wrestling.

Trying to get a quick picture of the kids before heading off to dinner.

The view from our room! NICE!!

Luke and Emily were watching Toy Story while we finished getting things ready to go. Just thought this was too cute!

The riverwalk is SO beautiful right now so we headed down to there to take some family pictures.
It's almost impossible to get everyone to look/smile at the same time! (Luke was completely exhausted from our busy weekend! I don't think there is a great picture of him in any of our group shots!)

The other Grief family

Grandma and Grandpa with all of their grandkids!

Both Grief families

ALL of the Grief's!

Miss Emily

Abby & Katie

Nathaniel and Ben

Lukey Luke

So sweet!

Who knows when we will all be together again, but for now we have some fun memories and great pictures to hold onto!