Monday, May 24, 2010

Pops & Route 66

On our way home from Oklahoma City we opted to take Route 66.
We had been told quite a while ago about a place called, "Pops" (click on the Pops link and read more about it!) that is located on Route 66 just outside of OKC. Since we weren't in any hurry to get home and it was around lunchtime we thought we would check it out. They are known for having a HUGE variety of pop from all around the world! 500 varieties!

This place is literally out in the middle of nowhere!!!
These were the first three varieties Jon, Ben and Abby chose. I took the sissy route and got fountain Diet Coke. (I wanted free refills and they had styrofoam cups! I love styrofoam cups!!)

Ben's pop was from El Salvador!

This is only a few of the coolers! There are MANY more!!
Ben's next choice: All about Russia!

Jon's second pop: Dublin Dr. Pepper. Made with with imperial pure can sugar!! He loved it!!

Even Luke got a little taste! He didn't like it at all! (But this child doesn't even like juice, so that wasn't a huge surprise.)

That is one HUGE bottle! I would love to see it in the dark! (It lights up!)

Made me feel very small!

I have to say, their burgers and onion rings were FABULOUS!!!!!

The rest of our drive home was so pretty! Route 66 was nice! No busy-ness! Just pretty!

Small town America!

Ahhhh.....a nice drive in the country with my feet propped up! Nice!!


Pat said...

Very cool!! How do you decide what to drink??? I bet it does look cool in the dark.

Anonymous said...

You got your toes did! haha
I too am a huge fan of styrofoam cups so I would have probably taken your route and had a fountain drink as well. BUT I wouldn't have had nasty Coke...I would have had Pepsi. Did they have crushed ice as well??? Cause that would have been just heavenly. :O)