Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Hard To Say Goodbye!

I'm starting to wonder (well, not really starting, I've been thinking about it for quite a while) why the Lord sees fit to bring great friends into my life only to move them far away. I pretty much hated living in Bartlesville until my friend, Laurie, came along. She has been the best thing about Bartlesville and now she has moved to St. Louis. :( I am happy for her and her family that her husband found a job and that they are all together again, not to mention that they are back living near all of their family! But selfishly...I want them here! This is the first time that Jon and I have had a couple in our lives that we both got along with so well! You know how often you have a friend that your husband doesn't really click with their husband or he has a friend that you just don't really click with the wife? Well, this wasn't the case for us this time!! Jon and I both had an instant connection with Dan and Laurie!! We will miss our time together SO MUCH!!!
Last Wednesday we had a going away party for the Pursley's before they headed out of town. We all had a great time talking and laughing!

This is our small group that we meet with every Wednesday night. A great group of friends!
Even adults can to take a silly picture, right?
Well, Dan and Laurie and the girls were supposed to leave on Thursday, but I think the Lord wanted Jon and I to get to spend some more time with our friends. (They had terrible issues with the moving company and had to stay in town for a few more days! YAY!!) I think we tried to fit as much time together as we could! The kids got to go swimming at the hotel pool, we went to the movies, Laurie and I got to go get pedicures and go to lunch together (THANKS DAN!!!)
and then we all just hung out at our house and enjoyed each others company! I truly felt like the unexpected time together was a gift from God!!

Can you tell which piggies belong to me???
This is the way to start the grill when you are out of lighter fluid... (Jon forgot to tell me to buy some...)
Luke is really going to miss Miss Laurie! These two are buds!!!
Of course we made s'mores!
Me and my girl, Laurie! :)
In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am seriously going to miss these people!!! We have already figured out when we will get to be together next! Thankfully St. Louis is on the way to Indianapolis!!!



Pat said...

At least St. Louis isn't too far away! Gives you another place to visit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad for you as well, but super happy that you had a great friend there for the time that you did. Sounds like the two of you made a great connection. The piggies both have some flip flop tans going on...:O)