Monday, June 7, 2010

Ben & Luke

These boys are the BEST of friends!! I am so happy they have been able to maintain such an amazing friendship after two years apart!! Thank goodness for modern technology! Since school got out they have skyped each other every single day! Last week Luke was able to come down and spend some time in Oklahoma. Ben was beyond excited to have him here for five days!
Ben is now up in Kansas spending a few days at Luke's house! At the end of this week he will get to spend time with another friend up in Hutch! Thank goodness for great friends!


Kelly said...

Oh that's so great! I love how technology makes it possible to stay in touch with far-away friends. I wish it had been like this when we moved here. :)

Pat said...

How fun!!!

Karen said...

Looks liket they spent most of the week in some kind of water. haha Glad they are able to spend time with each other!