Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Day At The Lake

I grew up at the beach, but living in Landlocked, USA there aren't a ton of beaches to go to. There are a few, however, and it is still just as fun to go now as it was when I was a kid! This past weekend we headed out to the lake with some friends and had a great time!

Our friend, Matt, has a boat which we all enjoyed! He let the boys jump off and swim to shore. They LOVED it!!
Luke is very fond of Mr. Matt!!
Luke even got to drive the boat! (Not here, but he really did get to drive when we went out for a ride.)
Like Jon's floaties? :)
I love that Ben found it fun to dig in the sand! There are so many things he thinks he's too big for these days...
Big Luke and Little Luke enjoyed it too!
For a long time Luke preferred to play in the sand than to get in the water.
The kids did some shore fishing before heading out on the boat for more fishing.
Luke and I ate lunch while the big kids were out on the boat fishing. YUM! (I don't think little boys get much cuter than this one! Look at him chillin'!)
Abby was the only one that caught a fish and she was quite proud! But she still wouldn't touch it! No way!!
Luke finally decided that the water was the place to be!
And that it was fun to throw the wet sand...
Best buds!
The kiddos! They had such a great time at the beach!
While at the lake, Ben jumped off of the boat into about 2 feet of water. His foot hurt so bad that he couldn't walk. Jon ended up having to carry him to the van. Once we got home we iced Ben's foot and gave him some meds.
I really wanted to take Ben to the doctor just to make sure everything was ok, but Jon thought everything was fine and that with some time Ben would feel better. In the meantime, Ben couldn't put any weight on his foot and would crawl through the house! I decided that since he was to go back up to Hutch with Luke on Sunday that I would take him to the doctor for some peace of mind. (He would be gone for 10 days!!) The doctor didn't think there was a fracture, but sent us for x-rays just to be safe. For some reason it took two days to get the results of the x-rays! (Don't get me started on Bartlesville medical crap!) The results showed a fracture in Ben's foot. GREAT! Ben's in Hutch and there's really nothing I could do! After several phone calls with the doctor here, phone calls with Luke's mom and speaking to our previous pediatrician's nurse, Ben was able to get put into a protective shoe. (Kind of like a boot, just shorter.) It was totally crazy and chaotic!! Hopefully Ben is on the road to recovery now! I feel like a horrible mother that I sent my son away with a broken foot and that I there was nothing I could do! Mother of the Year, I know!! advice to you: Don't jump out of boats in shallow water! And if you suspect something might be wrong, act on it! Don't wait! There's something to be said for 'mother's intuition'!

I still say it was a great day at the lake!!


Athena said...

So cute!!! I love to read up on your days, Jamie!!! Looks like the kids had a blast! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Mother and don't you forget it! There have been many a time that I should have acted on the "feeling" I was getting and didn't, later to find out I should have. That's just the joy's of having children! :O) Loved the lake pics, but my fave was of little Luke's hind end in the water. Who doesn't love a baby butt??? :O)

Pat said...

I love the pictures. It brought back alot of fun memories!! It looked like everyone had a good time. I'm sure Ben will survive!! I'm sure he will also think twice before jumping off a boat again!!