Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Day At The Pool

There is a new pool here in Bartlesville, but I'm not brave enough to go there yet! I've heard it is insanely busy and they have had to turn people away because they were at maximum capacity! If it's that full, I really don't want to be there! We have heard lots of great things about the pool in Coffeyville, KS so we thought we would give that one a try.

Abby had to give the kiddie slide a try! She really liked the big slide, but I didn't catch a picture of her on that one.
Luke wanted to try the kiddie slide, but wasn't so fond of it... (You might have to click on this picture to make it larger to see the look on his face to see what he really thought of it!)
Me and the little man!
Best buds!!
Little Luke wanted to be with the big boys at all times! They are so sweet with him!
These little fountains were Luke's favorite thing! We spent much time in this area!
The big kids really enjoyed going off the diving board over and over again!
Luke wanted nothing more than to shoot the giant water blaster!
We told Luke we had to leave. How sad is that?!
We REALLY liked the Coffeyville water park! It wasn't crazy busy and no matter where you are you can easily spot your kiddos! No giant play things in the middle of the pool! Definitely worth the drive! We will be there again soon, I'm sure!!

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Pat said...

Looks like a great place on a hot day! I love the picture of the 3 boys. Also, poor Luke!! He was having such a good time and had to leave. That's so sad!!