Friday, May 20, 2011

Ben's Awards Assembly

I was honored to be able to attend Ben's awards assembly at school last week. Ben has always been a super student, so it doesn't surprise me that he was receiving some awards again this year.
He received an English award for having a 95% or better in the class, a band award for outstanding achievement and an award of excellence for maintaining a 3.5 or better grade point average. (I'm positive that he had perfect attendance this year, but didn't get an award for it because of missing a class due to an appointment. I know he didn't miss any school due to being sick!)

One of the nice things that the school allows on the day of the awards assembly is for parents to take their students out to lunch. What a great way to show our kids that we are proud of them!

This year Ben's friend, Daniel, went with us. Daniel's mom is a teacher and wasn't able to get away for lunch. I'm glad Daniel was able to go with us!

I am SO proud of Ben and all of his academic achievements this year!
I love you, Ben!!

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