Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Day of School!

I received a call from Abby's teacher a few days before the last day of school to let me know that she would be receiving the Principal's Award at the final awards assembly of the year. The Principal's Award is a pretty big award because only one boy and one girl from each grade are chosen by the "specials" (P.E., music, art, etc...) teachers. Abby had no idea that her teacher had called me or that she was getting the award! She was shocked when they called her name!
I am so proud of my super student!
Abby made a great gift for her teacher!

The girls in Abby's class...
And the boys...
The whole crew!
A lot of drama is made out of the 5th graders leaving Ranch Heights. At the end of the day the fifth graders do a final walk-through of the school which stirs up all of the girl's emotions! Abby was a mess!

Then ..the final countdown! The last 30 seconds of elementary school!
You would think that the last day of school would be a happy one, but for my sweet girl, it just wasn't.
I had to take a final picture of Abby in front of the building that she is so sad to leave.
Abby was still sad after the bus ride home! (I was at the school for the end of day events, but she wanted to ride the bus home one last time.)

As for the rest of the day...


Rebecca said...

Love this post! Lots of great pictures. Think you could send them my way via email?

Anonymous said...

That makes me so sad that Abby is sad! I love the video of the countdown! Thats super cool they let them do that! Our last day wasn't quite that fun. One word...TORNADO! lol