Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grammy's Visit

Ok, there are a ton of pictures here, but I loved so many that I just had to share. (Plus, if you know my mom, you know that she takes an insane amount of pictures! :)) As always there are a ton of Luke. It's so hard not to take so many of him since he is home when the others are at school and he is still willing to let you take his picture! (Unlike the older two...)

Luke couldn't get enough of Grammy! They were best buds from the moment he saw her at the airport!

February 22nd was Girl Scout World Thinking Day. Abby participated in carrying in the flags from all of the countries that participate in Girl Scouts.

Lighting the candles and doing the Girl Scout Law.

I will do my best to be
honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do,
and to
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place, and
be a sister to every Girl Scout.

From Daisies to Ambassadors!

This boy loves to stack!!

Look at that smile! Irresistible!!

I mean he REALLY likes to stack!

Such concentration!

While Luke was stacking, Ben was performing a concert for us. Think I need to buy him a stand? I think it will just make him more ready for marching band! :)

Where's Luke?

Peek A Boo!

Did you know that if you put it on your head it becomes a hat?

Luke, or should I say Woody, also loves to read!

Abby waiting for the bus and not happy that I'm trying to take a picture of her!

Luke likes to watch Sesame Street on my bed.

More stacking...

Luke was so distracted by the "water!" in the mall that nothing else mattered! (And I mean nothing!!)

This is what Ben and Luke did during Abby's cheer practice. They just adore each other!

And more stacking...

Notice how Luke starting stacking other things on top of the blocks.

Ben actually lets Luke touch his Lego's sometimes!

A little pre-game practice.

Don't you just love her pose?

I, personally, love her kick at the end of every cheer!

Irresistible, I'm telling you!

All ready for church=photo op!

Grammy and the kiddos :)

The girls!

Of course Abby wanted a silly one too! She just didn't want me to give her bunny ears. Ha ha, Grammy did it anyway!

My family :)

Me and my mom (:

Dinner was cooking while we were doing all of these family pictures, but apparently Luke couldn't wait!

Me and Ben. Holy cow, I didn't realize until I saw this picture that he is about as tall as me! How did that happen?

Again, just had to be silly.

My mom saved all of her newspapers from when the Colt's went to the Super Bowl because Ben is such a huge Colt's fan! He was very excited to get them when she got here! I had no idea until it was too late, that he was in his room cutting all of this stuff out and taping and pinning it to the wall....

My mom makes the BEST mashed potatoes! (I just have to look away when she adds the butter and salt!)

I love how Abby lets Luke watch her play on the computer! She is so sweet with him!

What could be better than watching Sesame Street with your Grammy? This is just too cute!

I really enjoyed having my mom here! We had fun shopping, going to lunch, going to the movies and just hanging out. I can't wait for her to come back in August!!
Thank you, Mom, for everything!


Becca said...

I loved all the pictures! I especially liked the silly girls' picture. Looks like you guys had a great visit.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could comment on each picture! You got some great ones. LOVE the one where Luke's resting his head on his arms looking at the fountain. The pinning up of the "stuff" happened in our house too. Jacob calls it the thug wall, but it has come down now. I think we may have to fill in the holes in the walls and paint in that room. :O( Super great pics!! Loved them all!

Emily said...

Luke is getting SO big! Wow! Great pictures. :)

Pat said...

I just looked at your blog, and I think most of those pictures are the same ones I sent the kids through Shutterfly. I guess we both liked the same pictures. You'd be surprised to hear that I only sent 92 of the 235. I love all of your captions. See, that creative writing back in sixth grade has really paid off!!!