Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Fun

I am SO thankful for the beautiful weather we had for most of the week of spring break!! It was so nice to get out of the house, go to the park and play! On this day we met some friends at the park and had some fun!

Ben and Abby just adore Luke! I did not ask them to take him to play, they just did! They are sweet with him!
I think this is just too sweet!

I'm not sure who enjoyed throwing the rocks more! They both got a good laugh out of it! It was so fun to watch them play together!

Peek A Boo! (He never would go through that tube...)
Luke really likes the slide!

Annabelle exploring the creek.

Josephine and her prized branch that she pulled out of the creek.

My sweet baby girl! :)

I was so happy for Ben that some of his friends from school showed up at the park!

A boy and a stick...they just go together!

Me and my awesome friend, Laurie! I don't know what I would do without her! SHE ROCKS!!

The girls got brave and took off their shoes to get in the water. I guess it didn't really matter since their shoes and socks were already soaked!

Luke was so excited that he could see the girls from up on the bridge!

Trying to catch some tadpoles.

Like I said before, what would boys do without sticks?

Laurie is such a good citizen picking up trash at the park!

After we came home from the park, Abby's friend Jackie came over. So what do they do for fun? Play UNO on the trampoline, of course! (Abby got hurt on the trampoline right before Jackie got here and wasn't able to jump. Bummer!)
Friends! :)

It was such a gorgeous day! We spent most of the day outside! We decided that we had to grill for dinner and ended up eating outside too! It was a bit chilly by dinnertime, but still...great!
Ben is warming himself by the grill.
The grill master!

Such a great day! Our first trip to the park, our first dinner outside... I LOVE SPRING!!!


Pat said...

Great pictures!! It looks like the kids had a great time at the park. I love the one of Luke and his stick!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great pictures. You are getting GREAT at this blogging thing! Maybe I should take some lessons from ya. Forgot to say on the last post that you were right...those slides are HUGE!! I also enjoyed seeing your smiling face in the pic! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all your pics! I have a personal vendetta against that particular park, however. :)