Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

Our family loves watching "A Capitol 4th" every year on PBS before heading out to local fireworks.  What could be better than watching it on tv???  Well, being there, of course!

 Sitting up close so we can get great pictures of the host!

Listening to those amazing heralding trumpets!

No, we weren't really there.

We watched from the comfort of our own home.
But one of these days I think it would be amazing to be in Washington D.C. to see "A Capitol 4th" live!!

 Due to being in the car for 14 hours on the 4th, we opted not to go out to fireworks.  We watched the amazing ones on t.v. and Jon and Ben did a (very) few of their own. 

Luke even got to pick out one of his own this year.  Unfortunately Luke is still terrified of fireworks (not the big, far away ones!) and didn't even get to see what his cool tank did...

This was just about the extent of our fireworks.  There were a few that went up in the air, but nothing huge.  I missed going out to see good fireworks, but I was happy to just be at home after a long day on the road.  At least Jon and Ben got to satisfy their inner pyro!  :)

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Mom said...

I also watched the fireworks on TV on the 4th. I did see the real fireworks the weekend before the 4th while up at Harsens Island.