Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8th Grade Band Night

Abby had been waiting for this night for the last two years (since Ben got to do it when he was in 8th grade) and was SO excited when it finally arrived!  The night when the 8th graders get to hang out in the stands with the marching band, as well as, join them on the field at halftime.  

Thanks to Ben being in band, Abby already knows a lot of band kids.  She received a very warm welcome when it came time for her to sit in the stands.  "Abby!!!!"  "Come sit by me, Abby!"  It was a great feeling for my slightly shy girl.

Luke got a nice surprise at the game!  We found his friend, Wade!  Wade was in Luke's class last year.  They became very good friends and miss each other dearly!  Luke was beside himself with excitement when we spotted Wade from way up in the stands!


Ben was happy for Abby to finally get the chance to get a little taste of marching band.  Both of them are looking forward to being in marching band together next year, which makes this mama very happy!

I love, SO much, that the high school makes this opportunity available to the kids so that they get a taste of what they have to look forward to next year.

To say that Abby had a great time would be a huge understatement!  She couldn't stop talking about her night in the bandstands.  I think being in marching band is going to make my girl come out of her shell!  :) 

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Mom said...

Love it!! I am so excited for Abby. I'm so happy that she decided to do marching band instead of color guard. I wish I wasn't so far away and could see them march more often.