Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Star Student

What parent doesn't cringe even just a little bit when they receive a letter from my child's school that is addressed "To The Parent's of....."? I have never received a bad one, but for some reason you can't help but have a quick bad thought. Well, the same thing happened when Jon and I received this letter:

Dear Parent:

I am pleased to inform you that your child, Benjamin Grief, has earned an Academic Excellence Award for the 2009-2010 school year. We believe that our students who display a high level of academic achievement should be awarded.

We are honored to recognize students for their exemplary academic achievement. The criteria for selecting these high achievers are:

*Students averaging 3.5 or above for the first semester. These students are eligible for an academic letter.

*Those receiving a 4.0 for the fist semester are also eligible for a star to be affixed to the letter. This emblem will serve to set them apart for the other lettermen.

The letter then goes on to say that after receiving the award that they can take it to a shop here and order their academic letter and that there would be an awards presentation on Thursday, April 15th.

WOW! I knew that Ben has done well in school all year, but this was so neat to read! I didn't know which category Ben fell into until we got there and found his name in the program...

WOW! I am so proud of him!!

Finally, after going through all of the the 7th and 8th graders, they made it to the 6th graders! Congratulations Ben!!
Dad and I are SO proud of you!!!


Pat said...

Ben, I am so proud of you!!! I knew you could do it. Keep up the good work!! I love you

Athena said...

Yay Ben! That is AWESOME!!!

ValAnn said...

Congrats to Ben, and to mom/dad!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ben! that's awesome!!