Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oklahoma Land Run - Ranch Heights Style

Every year around this time the fourth graders at Abby's school learn about Oklahoma history. As part of this they re-enact the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. (Click on the link if you want to know more.) I really don't know anything about Oklahoma history, so I thought this was kind of neat.

Abby and her teacher, Miss Stubbs, are heading out.
Listening to instructions.
Here are the "husbands/fathers" and a widow or two registering for the land run.
Just waiting.....
This is Abby's "family": The Johnson Family. They are a struggling cattle farming family from the southwest. (Abby is a five year old named Mary.)
The Johnson family is ready to run!
Ready........ Set..........
The Johnson Family is very happy with their new piece of land! Here they are with their deed.
Reading the deed with Miss Stubbs.
You can click on this picture to make it larger and see what it says about some historical background of the land.
Luke finally persuaded me to let him out of his stroller! The kids had all moved on to another activity and the playground was empty.
Learning about roping.


Nana-Judy said...

What a wonderful "hands on" activity! These kids will remember more about the 'Land Run' because the "experienced it" in even a small way! Thanks for the post!!

Pat said...

Very interesting!! It looked like the kids had a great time. Abby probably learned more about Oklahoma that she ever thought possible. I think learning is more fun when presented like that.

Anonymous said...

Love that they do this! Abby looks super cute in that dress. Erika would love it!

Kelly said...

Oh wow that's cool! The 4th graders here do a big Idaho history thing (why do I not remember doing this in MI?!?) and have a huge end of the year historical celebration with similar activities. It's a district wide thing so there are hundreds of 4th graders there and they love it!