Tuesday, August 16, 2011

End of Summer...

Backpacks are packed. Lockers are stocked. Cookies are baked. Kids are sleeping soundly (finally!). I guess that means it's official...Summer break is over. How can that be?! It seems like just last week that we were all excited about the last day of school. How does time fly by so fast? I have two kiddos that, as of tomorrow, are both in middle school! Seriously?! I can't have two middle school aged kids! That means I'm getting old! Right?

Ben and Abby are both very excited about the first day of school. Ben feels like, as an eighth grader, he is king of the school. This is his third year at Madison Middle School. He has endured being the "newbie" as well as being stuck in the middle. This is it, his last year of middle school. Sigh. (We won't even go into what that means about next year! We have to make it through eighth grade! No rush!) I am glad that Ben is feeling confident this year. Sixth and seventh grade both started out with some fear. Not this year. :) He is confident and that, as far as I'm concerned, is a great way to start!

Abby is the "newbie" at Madison this year. Her first year of middle school! We have had fun going school supply shopping and decorating her locker. She got some cute new clothes. She got her hair cut and it makes her look so much more grown up. We've been to the school three times to make sure she remembers her locker number and combination and that she can get into her locker without any problems. We have also walked through her class schedule several times to make sure she knows where each of her classes are. We went today and she told me as we were walking out that she feels confident about her locker (Weren't we all a bit nervous about our first locker?!). Yay! That was great to hear! I know Abby will be a little bit nervous about her first day of middle school, but I know it will be great!

I am happy that Ben and Abby will be riding the bus together and will be in the same building. For some reason, there's just something comforting to me in that. I think Abby is glad to know that Ben will be there too. Ben, on the other hand, isn't too thrilled! One of the first things he told Abby is, "There are going to be some rules!" Ha ha ha!! He, basically, doesn't want anyone to know that he has a sister in the building. Please tell me this is normal! She is not allowed to call out to him, run up to him and hug him, wave real big and smile at him... Please! Abby just laughs it off and says she's going to do all of those things! As much as Ben acts like he's not thrilled about Abby being at his school, I know that he will be the first one to be there if anything were to happen or anyone would ever do anything to Abby! He's a good big brother that way!

I am praying for a good school year for Ben and Abby. I am praying that they will make new friends and good choices. I am praying that they will remember who they are and who lives in them. I am praying for their teachers. I have always said that I wouldn't request specific teachers for my kids because I believe that the Lord places them in the classrooms and with the teachers that he wants them to be in. Everything for a reason. I pray that their teachers will be kind, patient, wise, understanding, helpful, fair.

The summer has flown by and as ready as I am for Ben and Abby to go to school, there is always that piece of my mama heart that worries about them. I know they will do great and they will have fun, but, yes, there will be tears. Yes, still, this many years later! I am happy and excited for them! It sure is going to be quiet around here having two less kids around all day long. Luke isn't going to know what to think when they are gone again all day long! He sure will be happy when he sees them after school!

So, here we go, let the school year begin!


Becca said...

Loved the post. :) I laughed out loud as I read the part about the "rules"... funny kid. Can't wait to see pictures of the grown-up Abby with her new haircut. I'm sure I will see some soon since Mom will be there. :) Have a great first week Abby and Ben!

Jon said...

Nice post dear. And yes you are getting older...but the nice thing, i'm right here getting older with you. Wouldn't have it any other way. Your a good momma. i love you.

Karen said...

Great post! We could all use a little prayer and I'm sure the kids teachers are VERY happy to have someone praying for them this year! Have a good school year with Luke! :O) Love you lady!