Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School ~ 20011-12

It's here! The first day of school!

Ben and Abby were very excited for the first day of school. I think they got bored due to the fact that the insane heat kept us in the house the majority of the summer. It's always nice when they actually look forward to going to school. They actually got up quickly, without too much prodding! (I'm sure that will change once the new-ness of school wears off...)

Ben ~ First day of 8th grade.

Abby ~ First day of 6th grade. (Middle school!!)

Luke had to make sure he got all of his hugs and kisses in before the big kids left for school. Ben had to make it quick so that none of the other kids walking to the bus stop would see him with his family outside!

And then they're off!Yes, they walked together! I think Abby even talked to Ben on the way to the bus stop. Abby mentioned that Ben was even going to let her sit with him on the bus! Gasp!

Both kids had a great first day! They were anxious to tell me all about their teachers, classes, friends, the full of information! (They were also surprised to find that Grammy was here when they got home from school! :)) This is going to be a great year!

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Anonymous said...

Glad they got a good start to the school year. How's the newness now??? Still having NO trouble getting them up? ;O) lol