Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

As always, Ben and Abby were beyond excited for Christmas morning. They made it a record this year as far as how early they got up. I do believe 2:15a.m. is a bit too early! Yes, we did make them go back to bed. I think it was about 6:30a.m. when they attempted it again. I am usually as excited as they are and this year was no exception! I was SO happy to get to have some of my family in town to celebrate Christmas! If we aren't in Hutchinson or Indy, we are home alone. Christmas is definitely meant to be spent with others! We had a great day! Be prepared though, this is quite the photo overload! There are just way too many pictures that I want to share!

Merry Christmas, Ben & Abby!! (Abby looks so excited, doesn't she?)

Yep, I did it! I woke Luke up so we could open presents.

Stockings are always our favorites!

Merry Christmas, Jon!!

What could be better for breakfast on Christmas morning than animal crackers straight out of your stocking? Anything goes on Christmas!

What could possibly be in that huge box? A trampoline! I think they were shocked!!

Luke LOVES his 4-wheeler!!

Nolan's turn!

Luke would rather ride than open presents. :)

A little bit of chaos! I love it!!

Luke was getting the hang of opening the presents after a while.

We saved this one for last. It was from Grammy (my mom) and it was the one that Ben wanted to open the most! She really had him going as to what was in it. Everything from a vacuum to a dog that they forgot to cut breathing holes for. That crazy child will believe anything! He was thrilled to find out it wasn't anything he would have expected! Guitar Hero World Tour! Fun times for the whole family as you will see!

BLESSED!!! We are truly blessed!

I wasn't dreaming of a white Christmas, but this is what we got.

They really can get along sometimes...

The McCracken Family! (My sister, brother in law and nephew.)

What's more fun than getting new toys for Christmas? BOXES!!!

Luke LOVES to read!

See, lots of Guitar Hero fun to be had by all!

Apparently Ben plays better if his tongue is hanging out.

Our Christmas feast! YUM!!! (Luke was napping.)

Four sweet little snow bunnies.

WAY too cute!!

I have the cutest nephew!!

Grammy and Nolan going for a walk in the snow.

Going on a snowy Christmas walk.

Luke slept through dinner, so this is him finally eating his dinner while everyone else was out for a snowy walk.

Future rock stars!

We had a great, relaxing day! I am so thankful to have spent it with my family!! I certainly don't want to undermine the reason why we celebrate this great day! I am so thankful for Jesus coming for me! I don't even want to imagine what life would be like if he hadn't! Thank you, Jesus!

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Karen said...

I wanted to be able to comment on each picture! haha you got some GREAT shots! Almost as manny as Grammy. lol just kidding Grammy!