Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Jon's birthday is December 24th and I have always done my best to make sure it doesn't get blended in with Christmas. This year it was fun to have part of my family here to celebrate with us. Unfortunately, we got several inches of snow and ice and weren't able to go out to dinner like we wanted. I think Jon was ok with it that way though. We spent the day in front of the fireplace keeping warm. So cozy! All in all, I think it was a good day!

Everyone needs a supply of hot sauce! Right? (Abby saw this and knew right away that she had to get it for her daddy! She's so sweet!)

"The Sound of Music" is Jon's favorite movie and pretty much the only thing he asked for.

YAY! Finally an electric razor! He has wanted one of those for a long time too!

Jon didn't want a traditional birthday cake, so we had brownie sundaes. YUM!!! Nope, couldn't fit 34 candles on there though. Seven sounded good. Three and four. Get it???


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Anonymous said...

OOO OOO I love the Sound of Music too and suprisingly that is NOT one that we have. It's on my to get list though. I hope you had a great Birthday Jon!