Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Father's Day was more of a weekend long event at our house! It was SUPER fun! We had talked about going camping for the weekend, but it was just so hot that I really wasn't interested. (I would go if that's what Jon wanted to do, but he decided on something else! Darn!)

Jon thought it would be fun to go to Tulsa for a Drillers game. I loved that idea! But first we had to have dinner at our favorite place, Qdoba!
I had received an email with acoupon for buy one meal, get one free! It doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

We opted to go to the baseball game on Saturday versus Sunday thinking that Sunday might be crazy. It was great! It wasn't very crowded at all!
Abby enjoyed hanging out watching the players in the bullpen.

Ben really didn't want to be at the game and had a bit of an attitude the whole time. Jon and I were a bit unhappy with him.

Luke enjoyed every minute of being at the game! He had quite a bit of fun cooling himself down with a water bottle that we got while we were there! I should have tried that! It was HOT!! There was a great little playground very close to where we were sitting, so we took advantage of that a time or two.

Jon and his kiddos!

Of course, on Father's Day morning, we (well, the kids) showered Jon with a few gifts!

What Jon really wanted for Father's Day was to hang out outside, play, hang out and grill. That's exactly what we did! It was a great day!
Jon is a GREAT dad! He is willing to do anything with or for the kids! He will paint toenails or let his be painted! He changed diapers without any complaints! He drives kids where they need to be, sits at games, cleans up puke...ANYTHING! He is a GREAT dad! Ben, Abby and Luke have blessed with an amazing dad and I have been blessed with a great dad for my kiddos!

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