Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potty Training

This is the one thing I dreaded when I found out I was pregnant again! I didn't dread being pregnant or giving birth or even the "terrible two's! I dreaded potty training!

With Ben and Abby I had this notion that they needed to be potty trained before their third birthday. I'm not sure where it came from, but it was pretty good motivation to get it done. I remember sitting the little potty chair in the living room and just letting them sit on it and watch a movie or something. I also remember thinking that it was never going to happen. That we would be working on it forever! I really wasn't looking forward to doing that again!

With Luke, I just couldn't get motivated to get to it. It just seemed easier to change a diaper. I 'm pretty sure that the fact that our lives are so much busier now plays a part too. You have to be committed to being at home and be devoted to the process! With a 13 year old and an almost 11 year old, we tend to have a lot going on! Luke also hadn't made it to the place where he was waking up in the morning or from naps with a dry diaper. He was, actually, waking up so wet that his jammies were wet! I just figured it would be a nightmare to get started.

Well, Saturday afternoon, Luke and I were waiting in the van for Jon while he ran into the store, and Luke says, "I gotta go poopy!" WHAT?! We had talked about it a little bit, but not in the last day or two! I have NO idea what possessed him to tell me that he needed to go potty! I told him to wait (yeah, right, I know!) and he could go on the potty when we got home. Believe it or not, he waited! I put him on the potty when we got home and, of course, he didn't go. I put a diaper on him and we went outside to play. I figured we would just continue the diaper thing. A few minutes later I saw "the look" on his face... All I could say was, "WAIT!" I carried Luke into the house and sat him on the potty. Low and behold he finished his business ON THE POTTY!! I was so proud of him! I felt like if he could do a "number two" on the potty before ever doing a "number one" we might be able to get started on this whole potty training thing.

After a little while of playing outside, I told Luke we needed to come in and try to go potty. He really wasn't thrilled about coming in from outside or about sitting on the potty.
I sweetened the deal by telling him that he could watch a movie on Daddy's iPad! Whatever it takes, right?! He sat there for a little while and actually went pee pee on the potty!! YAY!! He was SO excited and so was I!! Jon and I knew that we couldn't go back now and decided that our weekend was now going to be dedicated to potty training. Later that day, Luke actually told us that he had to go potty! WOW!!
Bribes....I mean, treats are great helpers too!

We put a diaper on Luke for bedtime and, of course, he woke up wet. I fully expected that! We got up and made him sit on the potty, against his wishes, and he went! I was really getting excited about this! He did have a little accident in the morning, but I really think he just didn't have such things on his mind. We went to church (in a diaper) and he took a nap and both times he came up dry! Crazy exciting!

From that time on, my little guy has been wearing big boy undies and has been waking up dry! I feel so blessed to have had such an easy experience! I think there is a lot to be said for waiting until Luke was a bit older. He must have really been ready! To think that it only took ONE day to potty train my baby just blows my mind! Thank you, Lord!

I am glad to be through this phase of babyhood, but at the same time, it makes me sad. Luke really isn't a baby anymore! He's growing up!

Daddy and I are SO proud of you!!


Becca said...

We are proud of him too. Way to go Luke!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! We did bribes(I mean treats) too. :O) Stickers were the best for Erika. So glad for you. just think of the $$ you'll save from diapers now. lol