Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wet & Wild Summer Fun!

It has been SO hot here! I know, it's been hot everywhere! I was really excited to get a little pool for Luke so that he could cool off and play in the water. You will soon see that Luke isn't the only one who benefited from the pool!

Ben took advantage of the nice, cooler temperature in the shade to do some reading! (He's definitely my child!)

Our garden is doing really well! Jon is turning into quite the gardener! The garden is really his baby!

Now for a little Slip 'N Slide action!

I love that Jon got in on the action! He's just a big kid!

We really need a big pool!

We all had a great time playing outside! I love these happy, family days of summer!


Kelly said...

A: It has not, in fact, been hot everywhere. We are still way below normal here in Idaho. We're usually well into the 90's by now, maybe even close to 100 but the high for today will be 76. Not that I'm complaining. :)

B: Mike took over our garden a few years ago too. :)

C: Those slip and slide pictures are so fun!

Becca said...

Cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Luke is such a ham in those first pics. Love the last shot.