Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All-District Honor Band

Last year Ben auditioned for All-District Band and he made it! Sadly, we got bombarded with snow (twice!!) and the clinic/concert never happened. Grammy, Aunt Becca and Nolan even braved the treacherous roads to be here! It was very disappointing!

This year Ben didn't hesitate to try out again and he made it again! He didn't make it into the symphonic band like he had hoped, but was happy to at least make it into the concert band. Thankfully, this year, everything was able to happen! Grammy, Aunt Becca and Nolan trekked back out here and we all got to go to Claremore to hear Ben's band play.

It was amazing to hear these kids play! They only had eight hours of practice time together! Eight hours! These are some truly talented kids!

I'm only posting one of the pieces that the band played, although all four of them were super! This one was one of my favorites! (Ben's too!)

The Muppet Show Theme Song

I am SO proud of you, Ben! Keep up the hard work!


Mom said...

Amazing!! I am so happy we were able to make the trip and see the band perform. It was quite a performance. I am so proud of Ben!! Keep up the good work!!

Karen said...

They are FANTASTIC! Way to go Ben!! What talent you must have!!