Thursday, February 9, 2012

Take Two...

Thankfully the winter weather cooperated this year and Grammy, Aunt Becca and Nolan were able to come out for Ben's performance in All-District Honor's Band this year!

Nolan made a very quick transformation into Spiderman during the night! Check out his muscles!

Saturday morning we headed out to Claremore for the band performance.

Luke was a bit of a stinker and spent much of the concert playing Angry Birds.

Nolan...either the concert wasn't very interesting or Nolan was a very sleepy boy. I'm going with the latter!

Luke and Grammy enjoyed several snuggle sessions!

Not only was it All-District weekend, it was also Super Bowl weekend! And what would the Super Bowl be without food?!

We had white chicken chili, pigs in a blanket and Jon's beloved cornbread...

chips and guacamole, caramel corn, bacon wrapped chicken bites, brownies, chips, dips... Let's just say we ate our way through the night.

The beloved Colts and Lions didn't make it to the Super Bowl, but we were happy to watch the Giants win!

Lukey and his beloved, Jessie. He loves her and takes her everywhere we go!
Look at that sweet face! I love that little guy so much!

These two have a love/hate relationship. They can be best buddies and worst enemies. I was so happy that they got along so much better during this visit!

Thank goodness for amazing weather!

Aunt Becca read lots of books to this captive audience!

Thank you SO much, Mom, Rebecca and Nolan for coming out! I am so thankful that the weather was much more cooperative this year! I (and the rest of my family!) had such a fun few days with you!

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Mom said...

That was such a fun trip. I'm glad the weather was more cooperative this year.