Thursday, February 2, 2012

January In A Nutshell

I'm not sure what my problem is, I just haven't been feeling very blog-y lately. I take tons of pictures and we do fun things, I just can't seem to get myself to sit down at the computer and blog about it. Sooo...these pictures tell the story of the month of January.

One of our neighbors had a tree cut down and Jon managed to score some free firewood! It was a great father/son activity to move and cut it all.

Luke loved playing with his new tractor in all of the residual sawdust!

Ben and Abby enjoyed playing with their food while playing rummy.

We thanked the Lord A LOT for the unbelievably warm days by playing at the park!

Jon learned how to make cornbread in his new cast iron skillet.

We managed to get about a half inch of snow, which couldn't have made this little guy any happier! All he wanted to do was to go outside and touch it. Yep, just wanted to touch it! He then became pretty fond of making tracks in the snow.

Oh my goodness...could this boy be any cuter?! He melts my heart!

Now, on to February... I will get caught up!!

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Mom said...

It's amazing how fast January just flew by. Love the pictures of Luke! He's quite the little BOY!!! He looks like he was enjoying the guys wood cutting day also!