Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Poor Little Guy

It is awful anytime anytime anybody is sick. But for me, the younger the child, the more pathetic it is. Luke went to church on Wednesday night and wasn't there very long before I got a text saying that he was complaining that his tummy hurt really bad. Only a few minutes later I got a phone call that he was throwing up. Ugh... I felt awful!! I felt terrible when I got to the church (I was at small group.) and saw that Luke had gotten sick all over one of the childcare workers! My heart broke when I saw my poor little guy standing in the bathroom covered in yuckiness! We made it home and battled that nasty tummy bug all. night. long. It was just awful! Luke and I were completely exhausted! I finally had to ask Jon to take over (He had gone to bed since he had to go to work in the morning.) so that I could catch at least a little bit of sleep.

I don't know what Luke caught, but it surely wasn't just a 24 hour bug. By Friday, Jon and I were so concerned about Luke that we took him to the doctor. We were concerned that he was getting dehydrated. There was a possibility that he was going to have to be admitted to the hospital to get some fluids in his system. Thankfully, while the doctor was checking him out, he cried tears. A great indicator that Luke wasn't dehydrated. Then came the long slow process of nursing our poor little guy back to health. A tablespoon of water every few minutes and the tiniest bits of food that we could possibly get him to eat.

This nastiness lasted for five days! Luke didn't do anything. He just laid around on the couch and slept on and off all day long. He didn't care (most of the time) if the t.v. was on or not. I couldn't get him to eat anything! It was just heartbreaking to see my spunky, active little guy too weak to do anything.

I am SO thankful to have my busy little guy back to normal!! I am also thankful that nobody in our house managed to catch this nasty bug!


Anonymous said...

Poor baby! That's a LONG time to be THAT sick! Glad he's better!!

Mom said...

Glad he's back to normal!