Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Group Fried Chicken Dinner

I love my small group. I love that we can share what's on our minds and hearts. I love that we all love to eat.

About a year ago, one of the guys in my small group mentioned that his favorite food is fried chicken. Well... if you know anything about my family, fried chicken is a big deal. My (Mom's recipe that she found in a newspaper or magazine many years ago!) fried chicken recipe has been the topic of many conversations, threats and jokes. I am not allowed (or, at this point, willing) to give out the recipe. This recipe is the only fried chicken recipe that I ever remember my mom making and is the only one that I have ever made. I won't give out the recipe, but I will be happy to have you over for dinner! :)

I told Clint (the guy in my small group.) that we would have to have him and his family over for dinner. Unfortunately it took almost a year for the dinner to actually happen. My old electric skillet gave up on me and died. I wasn't willing to fry that amount of chicken on the stove. It would just take way too long. I got a new electric frying pan for Christmas and we quickly set a date to have our whole small group over for the elusive, popular, delicious fried chicken.

I fried about 15 pounds of chicken! Thankfully, everybody else brought everything else!

Here it is! Did you ever think fried chicken could look so good?

I meant to take pictures of all of the amazing food that everyone brought, but of course, I forgot and just took it late, after everything have been dove into.

I made these cupcakes for our fried chicken dinner. This is the third year in a row that I have made them, so I think that means they are a regular springtime tradition. Aren't they the happiest cupcakes ever?! I love them!!

I'm so disappointed that I didn't get pictures of everyone!

The fried chicken dinner was a success! Some friends that used to be in our small group, but moved away, came. It was great to get to see them again! All of the kids had fun playing outside. Jon made a fire outside and the guys hung out there. The ladies enjoyed sitting around inside talking. I loved every minute of it!

Thank you, SO much, to everyone for coming and for bringing so much delicious food! I can't wait to get together again!

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Mom said...

Wow!! The chicken looks delicious! That was quite an endeavor. (By the way, I found the recipe when we lived in Hawaii). The cupcakes look good also.