Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break 2012 ~ Part 3

The next part of our trip started out just the same as any other day since we had been gone. Wake up, eat breakfast, get cleaned up and head out for the day's activities. On Saturday, however, the day that we were due to be heading home, I just wasn't ready to go home. I still had things that I wanted us to do. I asked Jon if we could possibly stay another day instead of hitting the road after going to the zoo. Spontaneous? Yes. Possible? Yes. To be very honest, it didn't even take much convincing to get Jon to say yes. (The fact that we were using his hotel rewards made it a lot easier to say yes, I'm sure!) Jon took a quick poll to see who wanted to stay another night, only one "no" was heard (I will explain that one), and Jon was quickly on the phone getting our stay extended. Yes!

Why was there are "no" when asked about staying in Dallas for another day? Well...I had promised Ben a long time ago that if he read The Hunger Games, that we would go see the movie when it came out. Seeing as though the movie came out over spring break made it very easy to be able to go. I told him that we would be home from our trip on Saturday and we could go see the movie on Sunday. Hence, Ben didn't want to stay and risk being the only kid at school that didn't see The Hunger Games on Monday morning. I assured him that we would make it work. I told him that Jon and I would do our best to make sure that we left early enough on Sunday that we could see the movie before heading back to school Monday morning. Ben was (mostly) satisfied.

Jon and I debated whether or not to go to the zoo on our trip. Ben and Abby claim to not like the zoo (Crazy, I know!), and since this trip was all about family, I didn't want to do anything that anyone really didn't want to do. However, 1. Jon and I really wanted to go. 2. We knew Luke would love it! Especially after going to the museum the day before and hearing him talk all day about wanting to see LIVE animals! 3. After our disappointment at the museum/science center, we made the executive decision that we were going to the zoo no matter what.

This is probably the funniest thing I saw on our whole trip! If this just doesn't scream "Texas", I don't know what does! This guy made me laugh!!

One of Luke's favorite things to do!

Have I mentioned that palm trees make me happy? (:

We were so excited that almost all of the animals were up and about! There's nothing worse than going to the zoo and all of the animals are inside or sleeping... The animals were amazing!

This little guy LOVED the zoo!! I am always thrilled to see things through my kids eyes and this was one of those times. Everything that Luke looked at, he looked at with such awe. Oh, to see things for the first time and be so amazed!

Aside from the heat and a few meltdowns from the little one, we had a great day at the Ft. Worth Zoo!

In keeping with getting things checked off of our lists of places we wanted to go in Dallas and our zoo day, I thought Rainforest Cafe had to be the perfect place to have dinner! I didn't, however, take into account getting there right at dinner time and it being insanely busy, or the fact that Luke might be a little bit afraid of the animals randomly coming to life.

Here is my quick summary of our Rainforest Cafe experience:
We waited a very. long. time. to be seated.
Luke was T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D of the gorillas.
We had to move to a different table where Luke was much happier with a safer distance between him and the gorillas.
The service was s.l.o.w...
I have decided that you don't go to Rainforest Cafe for the food or the service, but for the scenery and atmosphere

If you were to ask Luke now, he would say that it was great! Although, I don't think he would still like to be anywhere near those silly gorillas!

It's finally time to check out of the hotel and think about going home.

But not before a stop at Ikea!

I had never been to Ikea and have heard so much about it! I had to see what all of the talk was about. I was completely overwhelmed! There is just so much there. You have to go through the store twice. Once to see everything and then again to get out. Crazy! I did buy a few things, but I don't think it is a place that any of my three guys care to ever go back to. I am glad I have finally been there and I would love to go back!

Jon and I waited long enough! With a 7-Eleven on (what seemed like) every corner, we knew that we had to have a Slurpee! I am shocked that this is the only Slurpee we had the whole time we were in Dallas.

Finally getting it just before getting on the road to head home was the perfect time! I enjoyed that Slurpee goodness almost all the way home! YUM!!

I am happy to say that Ben and I did make it home in time to go see The Hunger Games. It wasn't looking so good for us to get there in time, but Jon dropped us off at the movie theater before we ever came home. I know...I know...

On the way home we all talked about our favorite parts of the trip. This is what we all had to say:

Luke ~ the snakes at the zoo

Abby ~ ice skating

Ben ~ the JFK museum and "the chicks" (oh brother...)

Me ~ the JFK museum and not having to do anything house related

Jon ~ the zoo, hotel and being together for meals out at really nice restaurants

We had a GREAT trip! I am so thankful that we were able to get out of the house, get out of town for a few days, not cook, not clean, not do laundry and just hang out and have fun as a family! I am also thankful that the Lord gave us the opportunity go on a great trip and be able to stay on track with spending cash only! There is no guilt in that! Thank you, Lord!!


Mom said...

Glad you had a great vacation!! The kids looked like they really had a good time. Looks like a nice zoo. Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Luke's shirt! Erika might steal it! :O) You've got a pretty awesome man Jamie! His answer to what his favorite was made me smile! So glad you were able to have a wonderful family vacation!