Monday, August 20, 2012

Luke's First Day of Preschool

This day has come with a lot of mixed emotions.  

I am super excited for my little Lukey to go to school!  I know he is going to love it.  I know I am going to enjoy a few hours to myself.  He is going to learn so much.  I am happy that he will only go three days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day instead of the all day, every day plan that the public school does.

I am sad because he is my baby.  We have spent every single day together for the last four years.  Going to school means that he is growing up.  Going to school is going to make it seem like he is growing up so much faster!

However...I am so excited for Luke and all of the fun and learning that he is going to do this year!
 Luke was so excited that I surprised him with a new box of his favorite cereal this morning!

All ready to go!  

 Me and my preschooler (:

 Headed to school.

 After I took the picture of Luke in the car, he asked me to take a picture of Daddy.
(I'm so glad that today just happened to be Jon's day off!)

 Luke did a great job going to school, putting his backpack away and getting ready to learn.  Such a big boy...

Did I cry?  Ummm...yes. )':

Luke and his teacher, Miss Anne.
I was so excited to find out that Miss Anne was Luke's teacher.  I met her last year and thought she was so sweet!  I know my little guy is in good hands!

Jon and I were both excited to pick Luke up from school!

After school, what could be better than a fun little lunch at McDonald's?  Luke thought it was pretty great!

I am so glad Luke had such a great first day of school!  It was so fun to learn about all the things he did.  He talked about circle time, the weather, playing with bugs, playing at the play dough center, drawing, playing on the playground...  He also informed us that "girls are weird" and "some boys have long hair".  You just never know what you might learn at school.  (:

I asked Luke when we got home if he was excited to go back to school on Wednesday.
He got all excited and said, "I get to back?!"
I said, "Yes."
And he very happily said, "YES!"
I'm so glad!


Athena said...

This is awesome, Jamie! He is such an adorable little guy!!! Glad his first day was great!! It is tough on us mommies, huh? :)

Heather Schumacher said...

What a great day!! I'm glad it went so well... I cant wait for him to tell me all about it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok so now we all know where the cheesy smile comes from huh Jon?! :O) Btw~My fave cereal is frosted mini wheats with fruit in the middle so...Luke's after my heart! :O) Glad he had a great day. Makes it easier to send him again! I am sad that we don't get to have Mommy dates now though. Member when Erika went to school and we had our Mommy dates?

Mom said...

That is so sweet!! He looks so cute!! He is going to have such a good time. It's amazing all they did in just 2 1/2 hours. Glad he had such a fun day!!!

Kris said...

Sad to think that the baby is in school now. :( I'm glad he loved it. I'm looking forward to hearing lots of funny stories about his adventures at school. Miss Anne is going to love this little guy!