Monday, August 13, 2012


I ran across some very random pictures on my camera...

 Ben's friend saved his Coke caps when he was on vacation because he knows that I collect points on and gave them to me when he returned!  111 points!!  What a guy!

 We had an abundance of tomatoes from our garden so I roasted them and made salsa.
The salsa wasn't great, but it made an amazing meal in the crock pot!!  We will be adding this to our regular menu repertoire!

 Sweet, sleepy boy  (:

 Ben thought it was necessary to save every Coke can he ever drank out of.  Thankfully he finally decided it would be ok to throw them away!  Not before taking a picture, of course!

 Jon in his beloved garden.  Here is doing some "fall planting".  Pumpkins, I think.
Unfortunately, since this picture was taken, it got insanely hot, he couldn't keep up with the watering and everything died.  There's always next year!

Ben loves to take pictures of the clouds!

 Jon could sense I was having one of "those" days and came home from work with these in tow.  
I love that man!
 Ben was wiped out from band camp!

 Pure beauty!

 I was feeling like a good mom and actually remembered that we had some workbooks that Luke could work in.  This is the first time we have ever gotten them out.  He loved it and amazed me at how well he did!

 I love when the sun shines through the clouds!
(Another photo by Ben)

 This is the first part of Abby's locker decorating.  Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera when we went to finish.

 These are the fun decorations we made for Abby's locker.
Well, aside from the softball...

 Abby mastered the art of making cookies this summer!  Luke wanted to help "stir".

I have been working on some super cute curtains for a dear friend's new kindergarten classroom.  I love the fabrics she chose!

I love the random things in life!


Mom said...

That was quite random!! I love cloud pictures! All of them are quite significant. Abby's locker looks cute! Welcome back to school kids!!!

The Schumachers said...


I already hate that school started... I could have used friend time today!

Anonymous said...

Love the locker decorations! I need my crafty friend to make some for Madison! :O)