Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday, but it is super fun to fun things for.  With this whole wretched foot situation, I haven't had much motivation or desire to do a whole lot.   Especially fun, crafty things.  I decided that I wanted to break out of my yucky mood and have fun.  

Things were slightly different around here this year.  Jon's dad was in town and Ben's girlfriend was coming over for dinner.   As if I wasn't already planning fun little gifts and a "valentine-y"table, it's always fun to do fun things for even more people!  (Pinterest helps too!)

The flowers are Emily's, but I liked to pretend they were mine for a little while!  Plus, they made the table look that much prettier!

Ben was trying to teach Grandpa how to play the trombone.  (:

I splurged and made the famous fried chicken!  YUM!

Ben and Emily
These are two very sweet kiddos!  I just have to say...I am SO not ready for this whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing!  As if it's not weird enough for my baby to have a was that much weirder for her to be over for dinner!  Being a mom of teenagers is so strange!

Emily, if you read this, I am glad that you were able to come over for dinner!  You are welcome over anytime!  You are such a sweet girl!  (: 

I told Jon that my one request was that I get a picture of the two of us before the day was over.  Unfortunately, Jon dove into his homework after dinner, I went to bed early and the picture never happened.  ):  That's ok.  I told him that since Valentine's Day was all about me doing for everyone else, that he owes me a real Valentine's day!  Maybe we will get our picture then.

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Mom said...

Your table looks really nice. You always go out of your way to make everything so nice and do for everyone. Dinner looked great!!!