Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Formal 2013

One of the things that Ben has most looked forward to this school year is Winter Formal.  He was looking forward to it so much that he asked his date way back in early December.

I was fairly concerned about Ben asking a girl to the dance so early.  A few months in high school is a long time!  Anything could happen in that amount of time!  Drama, drama, drama...  I made a prediction that something would happen; Ben wouldn't want to go with her or he would want to go with someone else.  I was almost certain that he wouldn't end up going with Jaden.

Of course, many things happened over the course of time and Ben really wanted to go to Formal with another girl.  (Emily!)  Thankfully, if teenagers won't listen to their parents, it is nice for them to have a wise friend that can talk some sense into them.  That is exactly what happened.  Ben called his friend and explained his predicament.  Ben's friend told him that he still had an obligation to take the girl that he asked.  He explained that it was ok to go as friends and that he would still have a fun time.  Thank you, Michael!!

Can it be possible that my baby is old enough to be going to a formal dance?  And with a girl, no less!  That's like...a date!  Ugh... There were many deep breaths by this momma!

The big day finally arrived.

 Aren't they adorable?!

Pictures were taken at Emily's house, so Ben and Emily had to at least get a few.

I just can't believe how fast my baby is growing up!

After pictures were finished, Ben and Jaden headed off to Luigi's for dinner and then to Starbucks for dessert.  (Jaden had never been to Starbucks and has wanted to go for a long time!  I am so glad Ben took her there!)

How did Ben and Jaden get around town?  Well, by their chauffeur, of course!  Ben insisted that Jon be their chauffeur for the night.  He insisted that I could NOT be their driver!  He was afraid that I would be too embarrassing.  Seriously?!  Fine.  Be that way.  I will say, that at the end of the night, Ben informed me that Jon is not allowed to be his chauffeur next time!  "Dad was so embarrassing!"  Huh!

All in all, Ben had a really fun night! He danced like crazy and even got one slow dance in with Emily.  He was walking on air when he walked in the door.  I am thankful that Ben was able to make the best out of a less than ideal situation.  I hope he learned a lesson about how to do things next year!

Oh...and now that the dance is over, Ben and Emily are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.  I am SO not ready for this!

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Mom said...

How sweet!! Great pictures!! The kids all looked so good! Glad Ben had a good time!! It is so hard to believe that Ben is old enough to be going to a formal dance. Hadn't heard any chauffeur stories. HMM!! Well, next year Ben will be able to drive himself and date. Now how does that make you feel!!!Time flies way too fast!!