Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

What could be a more American activity on the 4th of July than to go to a baseball game and fireworks?  The temperatures had been awesome, it was fairly inexpensive and it just sounded fun.  

On our way to Tulsa for the game, Jon had me read aloud this speech by Rush Limbaugh's dad.  Jon had heard about it on a radio program, read it himself and wanted the rest of us to read/hear it.  I know that July 4th is the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed, thus giving birth to the United States of America.  Sadly, beyond that, I didn't know very much.  The speech is lengthy, but definitely worth the time.  Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, you really should read this speech!  It was so neat to learn about some of the men, other than John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, that risked and/or gave their lives for the freedom that we take for granted.

As we were walking from our car to the ball field we heard a few rumbles of thunder.  We may have even seen a flash of lightning or two.  It was off in the east, so I figured we were good.  These things, generally, move from west to east, so it had to be moving in the other direction.  Well...that wasn't the case.  

We found a good spot to sit and got all situated.  Luke was itching to play at the playground, so Jon took him while hung out with Ben and Abby.  It wasn't long before the biggest raindrops (they were huge!) I have ever felt started pelting our heads.  

The field was quickly covered with a tarp and we just sat around and waited it out.  Some of the team members chose to make the best of the torrential rain to have a little bit of fun.  It was really fun to watch them run and slide.

Thankfully I had packed a few towels in case Luke ended up playing at the splash pad at the ball park, because I was able to stay fairly dry by holding one of them over my head.  Abby used one to protect her white shirt that could have made things slightly embarrassing.  (:

The rain didn't show any signs of letting up any time soon.  I just knew the game was going to be cancelled and our 4th of July plans would be ruined.

 The rain probably lasted a good 20-30 minutes before it finally passed by.

Once the rain clouds were gone for good, the tarp came off and we were able to watch the baseball game!  YAY!!!

I took an over-abundance of pictures at the game, but there are so many that I love that I decided to share all of them!  :)


Luke was REALLY not a fan of the fireworks after the game! I cried through the whole thing with his hands covering his ears.  Poor little guy!  I, however, thought the fireworks were awesome!  We were so close!  It was so cool!

I can't even express how much fun we had at the game!  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I think we may just have a new 4th of July tradition!


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Mom said...

Great pictures! Sounded like a fun day!! You firework pictures were amazing!!